Engines, generators for ships, spare parts for water transport
Posted on Jun 29, 2021
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Asia, China
dizelua dizelua
DPN23/2H30 and DRPN23/2H30 diesels are used as the main ship engines to work on rowing screws of a constant or adjustable step (VRSh), and stationary engines as a part of the automated diesel generators (diesel power plants). Diesels 23/2x30 - duple, trunk, simple action, with opposite moving pistons, two rows of vertically located cylinders, with four bent shafts united by the built - in reducer or the animator (the main transfer) with a direct exact and slot - hole purge, gas - turbine pressurization from the turbocompressor having the additional drive from bent shafts of the diesel and intermediate cooling of air. - Section of the exhaust manifold for the diesel engine (16DPRN 23 / 2x30) - 81 pcs. No. 61? - 022 - 014,015,016 - Crankshaft for Diesel (16DPRN 23 / 2x30) - 22 pcs. No. 64G - 036 - 011,204,012,013,014,20 - Fuel injectors (16DPRN 23 / 2x30) - 400 pcs. No. 61 - 068 - 004.003 . Tel: +380505271345 (whatsapp, viber)
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